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Welcome to
RipCord Survival!

Now that you've found our little corner of the universe; you may be asking:
"what exactly is a survival bracelet?"

My friend, I'm glad you asked!

Our survival bracelet is an extremely compact source of heavy duty paracord line; capable of supporting loads up to 550lbs. Each bracelet can be unraveled, freeing an average of 14ft. of usable line to the wearer. Possible uses for these bracelets are limitless!

Suspension Line - First Aid - Climbing - Hoisting - Tie - Sling - Safety - Pulley - Tether

...and much, much more!

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"Our pleasures were simple - they included survival."
-Dwight D. Eisenhower


RipCord Survival is proud to reveal our patent-pending RipSling! The ultimate rifle companion, our sling features a neoprene shoulder pad and low profile sling swivels. Perfect for extended use with comfort and functionality. Oh, and did we mention it is used in the field and endorsed by master hunter Steve Rinella of the Sportsman Channel's
"Meat Eater" ?
Steven carries our RipSling on his trips around the country, and loves it's durability and ease of use.

The RipSling is made with the same care and quality that our bracelets feature. Tight, consistent weaving of a continuous strand of 550 paracord line. Available in both adjustable and custom sized versions - made to order!

Prices start at  $129.95

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