RipCord Survival - Wear it. Rip it. SURVIVE
Let's talk about me.....

Hi. I'm Mark Davis, the proverbial 'man behind the curtain' here at RipCord Survival. I'm a Marine Corps. veteran and presently hang my hat in Jackson, Tennesse with my wife and three children. I'm exceptionally proud to work as a registered nurse; caring for individuals undergoing treatment and recovery from cardiac procedures. But, that's just one of my 'jobs'. Everyday I wake up as husband/daddy/nursing student/mini entrepreneur.
So, how exactly does RipCord Survival play in? I was just getting to that. My wife likes to call this company my "serendipity"....or my fortunate discovery while looking for something else.
I was on a quest to find a unique and significant gift for my long-time friend and soul brother, who was scheduled for a deployment overseas to Afghanistan with NATO. Something functional, easy to keep in possession, and something that could represent our 20-year camaraderie. 
Somewhere along that road; I saw a paracord bracelet. The ultimate guy in me thought it was pretty know, having something so utilitarian that was structured in this compact, subtle piece of jewelry. It was just before purchasing it that my wife, the undying artistic type, said, "wonder if you could make one of those? Sure it's cool like that, but wouldn't it be even more special if you were able to make it with your own hands?"
So I made one for my closest childhood friend who was deploying for Afghanistan. Then I made another, and another. What started as a sentimental gift unfolded into an enjoyable hobby, and the hobby then evolved into the business venture you've stumbled upon here today.
My company is based on the belief that our product can positively impact the lives and circumstances of our customers .Each item you see here is made by my two hands, from my home in small-town America. I give precise attention to detail on each order. You get exceptional 'human' quality control, and I guarantee satisfaction with every product I produce. You dream it up - and I'll bring it to life.

I help support my family with all the proceeds from this business. Your patronage means the world to us!

Be Great, be full.

Mark Davis
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